Go Mix™ and Wilderness Athlete Deliver on-the-go Convenience to Outdoor Athletes

Go Mix™ continues its 2022 momentum by announcing the launch of a new product partnership with Wilderness Athlete. Growing increasingly popular among outdoor athletes and enthusiasts, Wilderness Athlete has poised themselves to deliver the first Energy & Hydration supplement of its kind. The Go Mix patented packaging will bring increased convenience and portability to the […]

Go Mix™ Launches new Partnership with Sunwarrior

Plant-based, Organic, and now Convenient and Portable Go Mix™ started 2022 by announcing the launch of a new product partnership with nutrition industry giant, Sunwarrior. Intrigued by our innovative, ready-to-mix packaging, Sunwarrior prepares to respond to the increased demand for on-the-go convenience. Sunwarrior kicked off the partnership by reintroducing their popular, plant-based protein supplement, Warrior […]

Humans: A Life on-the-go

The earliest form of humans were wanderers. Motivated by the change of seasons, the annual migrations of animal resources, or simply in pursuit of a better quality of life. Our primitive ancestors lived a life on the go. When it came time to relocate, only the most valuable and portable resources were brought with while […]

Who Are You Advertising For?

At one point the shaker bottle was a status symbol of the fitness & health community. Only the dedicated few were seen pulling them from their gym bag or toting them along through their day-to-day routines.