Drink PackaginG

Your solution is go mix

On-The-Go nutrition is now addictively convenient

The patented Go Series pouch by Go Mix is lightweight, perfectly portioned, and doesn’t require refrigeration.

Innovative drink packaging designed with your customer in mind

Go Mix is the first packaging of its kind. It includes a single serving of pre-portioned powder, our patented Go Mix agitating ball, and delivers a convenient user-friendly experience unlike anything else. 

3 Ways to implement Go Mix into your brand


Quickly reintroduce consumers' favorite and recognizable formulas in a unique and innovative delivery system.


Bring new innovation to the on-the-go market with the help of our industry leading formulation team.


Effortlessly expand a current product line or create a new product with our formulas designed to meet the needs of your customer.

Our patented beverage packaging is made to easily bring powdered dietary supplements anywhere. Our innovative just add water concept makes it easy to ship, pack, prepare and enjoy.

Yes! Our patented Go Series design includes a childproof crack-seal cap. The cap is also resealable, perfect for any on-the-go lifestyle.

We do have partners currently exploring opportunities in the food and beverage industry. Our single serve beverage packaging offers significant distribution advantages when compared to plastic or glass bottles. This ensures transportation containers are filled better and produce a lower volume of waste.

Yes, Go Mix is always looking for new opportunities to broaden its innovative products and services. We recognize that there is room for improvement in most single serve packaging options and are working towards greater convenience for both businesses and consumers.

Go Mix strives to not only be an industry leader in packaging innovations, but sustainable packaging as well. When comparing spout pouches to plastic bottles, we see a considerable difference in the environmental and carbon footprint. Most cases point to flexible packaging using as much as 60% less plastic than rigid bottles.

When compared to Ready-to-Drink beverage products, Go Mix packaging will almost always allow for a prolonged shelf life. Even with added preservatives, liquid-based alternatives are subject to molecular breakdown, reducing the effectiveness of the beverage product.