Dietary Supplement Packaging Design

Your Brand with go mix

Highlight your brand with our customer-focused ready to mix packaging

At Go Mix, we believe it’s not enough to just create the perfect on-the-go packaging. We aim to assist our partners through every step of implementation. We partner with industry-leading digital creators to bring your vision to life and your product to market.

Whether you are creating a new product line or adding to an existing one, our designers are prepared to help bring your ideas to life. Capture the market’s interest with a new modern brand or re-engage past customers by introducing them to the next big thing in on-the-go convenience.

FROM DESIGN TO Point of Purchase

Your customers will love to take their Go Mix packaging anywhere, and we are here to help them purchase anywhere too. Distribute our innovative packaging as single units online, in customized point of purchase displays in retail outlets, or both! We’ll help you create a cohesive distribution plan that fits your vision and market.

No! We provide packaging design services, but the use of this resource is not required.

Yes! We currently offer multiple sustainable material options, including PCR.

Yes! We currently offer packaging in 10 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz sizes and are able to explore both smaller and larger options if necessary.

Yes! Our world-class digital printing services allow our team to cohesively match labels, fonts, colors and logos.