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Setting the Standard for on-the-go Powder Packaging

If you’re in search of quality powder packaging, look no further. We offer the most innovative on-the-go product packaging, perfect for a wide variety of powder products. Although the Go Mix story may have begun as a packaging company, it doesn’t end there. As a true end-to-end manufacturer, we have the resources to guide you through each phase of the supplement production journey.

As powder packaging experts, we’ll work with you and your team to ensure we understand every last detail of your powdered formula. Our industry-leading partners can then develop the highest quality nutritional supplements your customers expect and deserve.

Many fulfillment services require high MOQ’s and only offer limited packaging options, but not with Go Mix. We only work directly with industry leaders in customer service and supplement production. They set the standard when it comes to high-quality nutritional supplements and has opened their doors to our partners.

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Powder Packaging Solution

3 Ways to implement Go Mix into your brand


Quickly reintroduce your customer's favorite and recognizable powder product in a unique and innovative powder packaging solution. We're prepared to receive your pre-blended formula or raw ingredients. Our vertical form filling and sealing machines will do the rest.


Bring new innovation to the on-the-go market with the help of our industry-leading formulation team. From unique protein powders to exclusive wellness formulas, we want to help you change the industry.


Effortlessly expand a current product line or create a new one with our formulas designed to meet the needs of your customers. Our wide range of stock formulas are constantly updated to meet the demands of the industry.

Your powder, Our Priority.

Go Mix takes the most significant precautions when it comes to our manufacturing environments. We only partner with the highest quality supplement manufacturers, businesses, and individuals that uphold the greatest standards in quality control. We even go a step further to implement our own quality control procedures to ensure your product surpasses all vitamin and supplement safety standards.

The current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) is the standard for ensuring pharmaceutical quality by the Food & Drug Administration. CGMP’s provide systems to ensure proper design, monitoring and control of supplement manufacturing processes and facilities. Go Mix™ is proud to have met full CGMP compliance and be FDA registered in regard to our regulations and manufacturing processes.

Gaining organic certification isn’t always an easy process. At Go Mix™ we are proud that our manufacturing facilities can process and handle any product that has organic certification needs. In our ever-growing marketplace, it is essential for brands to stay on-trend while still being able to differentiate themselves. We are proud and willing to take the extra steps in order to provide this unique certification.
To take our possibilities and offerings a step further, we are also certified kosher by Star-K. This Kosher Certification guarantees that all food products and ingredients we source meet all kosher requirements, or meet the standards of Judaism’s dietary laws. A representative from Star-K has evaluated all of our vendors and products and will make regular visits to continue monitoring our kosher certified status.
Halal certification covers practices that are allowed by the Muslim religion and is commonly associated with food that is acceptable according to Islamic law. Similar to kosher certification, Halal certification implies that foods and food products are fit for consumption and completely safe.
Choosing a product certified by NSF lets you know the company complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, every aspect of a product’s development is thoroughly evaluated before it can earn our certification.