Go Mix™ Partners with Industry Leader, Formulife™

Since its launch in 2017, Go Mix has established various partnerships to reduce lead times, simplify the manufacturing process and expand product and service offerings. Few are more notable though, than the most recent partnership made with industry leader, Formulife.

Formulife is a custom dietary supplement manufacturer in Dallas, Texas, specializing in powders, tablets and capsules. Founded by Brandon Smith, a former sports nutrition distributor, Formulife came to light due to Brandon’s frustration with the state of the industry and the poor quality of formulas being marketed to consumers. Smith utilized his extensive list of contacts in the industry to quickly build a dedicated customer base. Due to his experience, many trusted Smith and his new team to completely formulate their product lines from the ground up. The young company quickly grew from three employees to hundreds and expanded to three facilities, totaling 80,000 square feet.

Now one of the largest formula suppliers in the US, Formulife prides itself on its extensive ingredient knowledge and production process. From comprehensive quality control measures to multi-stage product testing, they guarantee an unmatched nutritional manufacturing experience. Their facilities and processes are GMP Registered, Organic Certified, Informed Choice and Informed Sport Certified, Halal Certified and have even received recognition from Inc. 5000, a list of the fastest growing private companies.

The opportunity for partnership arose when Formulife came across Go Mix’s innovative delivery system. Part of the Formulife services include providing packaging and tubs for the custom formulas they produce. The on-the-go and single serve corner of the industry has exploded in recent years and a potential partnership with Go Mix meant a solution to meet the evolving demand.

Go Mix, a Denver based company providing nutritional drink solutions, first began offering custom and stock formulation services in 2018. This allowed the staple of their business, their patented delivery system, to be efficiently implemented into product lines. Co-founders, Joe Hansley and Paul Sorbo envisioned their brand as a complete turn-key solution, deeming custom formulation a crucial element of their services. As a new company, Go Mix originally separated these two aspects of the business, with segments of their supply chain located both inside and outside of the US.

This new partnership will allow Go Mix to expand its manufacturing cycle to an international basis, granting the organization the ability to better meet the growing demand. Alongside providing world-class formulas, this momentous step forward will also shorten lead times and offer a significantly greater diversity of materials. The Go Mix team is thrilled to now offer PCR (Post-Consumer-Recycled) as part of their new catalog of material options. PCR material allow the two brands to work cohesively towards eliminating the use of virgin plastics and make recycled material a greater priority.

While already growing at a rapid pace, Go Mix projects to outpace its 2020 development with the submission of this new partnership. “We’re looking forward to offering our technology to the Formulife customer base,” Hansley said. He continued, “We set out to provide innovation and an elevated standard to the industry, and it requires partnerships of the highest quality to do so.” While the final steps of the partnership take place this spring, two things are certain; Go Mix is here to stay and Formulife is ready to offer Nutrition Without Limitation!