Go Mix™ and Wilderness Athlete Deliver on-the-go Convenience to Outdoor Athletes

Go Mix™ continues its 2022 momentum by announcing the launch of a new product partnership with Wilderness Athlete. Growing increasingly popular among outdoor athletes and enthusiasts, Wilderness Athlete has poised themselves to deliver the first Energy & Hydration supplement of its kind. The Go Mix patented packaging will bring increased convenience and portability to the […]

Go Mix™ Launches new Partnership with Sunwarrior

Plant-based, Organic, and now Convenient and Portable Go Mix™ started 2022 by announcing the launch of a new product partnership with nutrition industry giant, Sunwarrior. Intrigued by our innovative, ready-to-mix packaging, Sunwarrior prepares to respond to the increased demand for on-the-go convenience. Sunwarrior kicked off the partnership by reintroducing their popular, plant-based protein supplement, Warrior […]

Humans: A Life on-the-go

The earliest form of humans were wanderers. Motivated by the change of seasons, the annual migrations of animal resources, or simply in pursuit of a better quality of life. Our primitive ancestors lived a life on the go. When it came time to relocate, only the most valuable and portable resources were brought with while […]

Who Are You Advertising For?

At one point the shaker bottle was a status symbol of the fitness & health community. Only the dedicated few were seen pulling them from their gym bag or toting them along through their day-to-day routines.

Go Mix™ Partners with Industry Leader, Formulife™

Since its launch in 2017, Go Mix has established various partnerships to reduce lead times, simplify the manufacturing process and expand product and service offerings. Few are more notable though, than the most recent partnership made with industry leader, Formulife. Formulife is a custom dietary supplement manufacturer in Dallas, Texas, specializing in powders, tablets and […]

Go Mix Delivery System Submitted for Innovation Excellence at 2021 FBIF

Food & Beverage Innovation Forum The best and brightest in the food & beverage industry gather on an annual basis at the Food & Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF). Since its founding in 2014, the event has been considered one the most influential food-industry events in Asia. The function aims to support and develop its industry […]

The Supply Chain: Understanding Your Link

All entrepreneurs visualize how and when their business(es) may scale. From day one, thought and planning is dedicated to the eventual transition to larger offices or warehouses, hiring more employees and developing broader product lines. Like anything in life however, the path ahead is constantly revised by the experiences we face. Unforeseen circumstances arise, new […]

Blue Light​: And our Biological Processes

Every one of us are spending more and more time in front of screens. Whether it’s the 5 minute scan of emails before getting out of bed, the 15 minute scroll through social media while eating lunch, or the 2 or more hours spent staring at a computer while at work, our screen time is […]

Weight Matters: An Unpopular Opinion

Weight Matters! No, we’re not referring to the combination of numbers we all fear on our bathroom scales. The weight of that scale though, is closer in relation to our  point. Let’s keep our focus there for a moment. Most of us likely have a scale at home. Whether it was purchased willingly or obligatorily […]

healthcarepackaging.com: Agitator Pouch Shakes Up Precision Nutrition


Powdered supplement product tailored to individual consumers’ needs comes in a lightweight, portable pouch with a plastic agitator that ‘blends’ the beverage once water is added. Author-Anne Marie Mohan Precision nutrition products personalized through genomic and diagnostic testing to maximize readiness, resilience, recovery, and longevity, delivered in a unique pouch format with agitator for on-the-go […]