Weight Matters: An Unpopular Opinion

Weight Matters!

No, we’re not referring to the combination of numbers we all fear on our bathroom scales. The weight of that scale though, is closer in relation to our  point. Let’s keep our focus there for a moment. Most of us likely have a scale at home. Whether it was purchased willingly or obligatorily is another conversation. It’s also likely that we shopped around for the best deal before making the purchase. That may have included researching things like accuracy and it’s additional features, but at the end of the day we chose one, and paid for the product. 

The price of the scale we all individually chose is determined by a few variables. Where the resources of the product were produced and how much the manufacturer paid for those resources play a major role. The time, labor and energy required to turn those resources into a finished product do as well. One of the most significant factors however, we’ve already mentioned. It’s weight.

In today’s modern society, it’s not uncommon to prefer ordering a product online over purchasing directly from a retailer. In doing so, we are no stranger to paying for “shipping & handling”. Understandably, the heavier the product we order, the more we will be required to pay for its delivery. The reality though, is that a product’s weight is already factored into its price, regardless of whether you picked it up from the store yourself or had it delivered to your home. This is precisely why companies tend to seek newer, lighter materials for their products. Not only is the outcome a lighter, more convenient object, but a more affordable product for the manufacturer means an equal result  for the end consumer. 

Live Fast | Travel Light

At Go Mix™, the phrase “Live Fast | Travel Light” means more than just the weight on a scale, although it is a factor we do heavily focus on. We understand that there is already enough holding you back, and our technology will never be one of them. The last thing on your mind before you leave for a hike, a run, a business trip, a workout, or simply a day at the office should be the weight or bulk of your nutrition. After all, you’re not a Marine preparing for a mission! Although our service men and women have mentioned how much they admire what we do.

This is why we are constantly searching for the lightest and most innovative materials when it comes to making our packaging. We strive to inspire an active, on-the-go lifestyle. This can only be achieved by providing more time for activity through a near weightless delivery system!

But Weight…There’s More!

Unlike other packaging technologies currently available, we’ve adopted an innovative “Just Add Water” concept. By eliminating the need for liquid until consumption, the formula inside is able to remain shelf-stable longer without requiring preservatives. Additionally, avoiding liquids allows our technology to weigh up to 75% less than the average liquid-based dietary supplement. This translates to a lighter product, resulting in a more affordable and more convenient product for consumers.

Our mission at Go Mix™ was never to do something different, but to do something better. We recognized the increased use of preservatives in dietary supplements, and created a solution that eliminated the need for them. We recognized that in the US alone, over 40% of food is lost to expiration, and created a solution to prolong shelf-stability. We recognized the effect weight has on the cost of single serve options, and created a solution that removes the heaviest ingredient.

There are a hundred various reasons a company or industry might be motivated to seek alternative resources. Regardless of those factors though, the scale will always play an important role. It doesn’t matter if it’s in reference to international trade, carrying freight across state lines,  local distribution, or the bag you pack for a hike. Weight matters.