Go Mix™ Makes Donation to the Food Bank of the Rockies

DENVER, CO: May 6th, 2019 — PR Newswire

Go Mix™ is proud to have partnered with Food Bank of the Rockies to provide a healthy alternative for those in need of nutritional support during this unprecedented time. Go Mix™ has created a patented on-the-go packaging option for powdered supplements that makes it easy to meet daily nutritional needs by simply adding water and mixing. Due to COVID-19, many are experiencing a varying degree of uncertainty around finances, employment, and even education. Because of this, more families and individuals are relying on their local food bank for support than ever before. Visit Go Mix™ online at https://www.gomixtech.com/.

“We want to use our connections, infrastructure, and platform to help our country, and hopefully the world,” says CEO and co-founder Joe Hansley. “In the difficult times we are facing, many businesses and individuals are struggling to keep their head above water. Having the opportunity to help our local community and those in need is a blessing.” 

Go Mix™ is donating a product that they produced in collaboration with Skratch Labs LLC, a Boulder-based sports nutrition company that specializes in hydration, meal, energy, and recovery drink mixes. The combination of the patented pouches from Go Mix™ and the powdered supplements from Skratch Labs LLC allows them to provide individuals with a simple, nutritious option that will help fuel their bodies.

“The nature of our product allows individuals to easily and efficiently get the nutrition they need,” states Go Mix™ president and co-founder Paul Sorbo. “Families are struggling both emotionally and financially, and we recognized our ability to help.”

About Go Mix™

Go Mix™ was founded in 2019 with the intent to revolutionize the way humans consume nutrition. Their patented on-the-go packaging simplifies the process of meeting daily nutritional needs, while simultaneously eliminating the need for preservatives and pinpointing nutritional accuracy.

Go Mix™ and Skratch Labs LLC joined forces in early 2019. The Boulder-based company has built a reputable foundation on providing whole food based nutritional supplements to the active lifestyle market. To learn more about Skratch Labs LLC and their mission, visit http://www.skratchlabs.com/ 

Go Mix™ is proud to offer a product that is certified organic, kosher and Halal certified, and is fully compliant with cGMP regulations. To learn more about Go Mix™ and their mission or to request a sample of their product, visit https://www.gomixtech.com/.

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