Go Mix™ and Viva 5 Corporation Introduce Innovative Delivery Method Partnership to Meet Soaring On-The-Go Delivery Demand

Customizing Targeted Mobile Nutrition for Global Brands and Active Customers


Denver, CO: June 2nd, 2020 — People want more ways to grab nutrition on-the-go, whether we are going from work to workout class, from school to practice, from one meeting to another, or from the starting line to the finish line. Go Mix™ announced today that they have partnered with Viva 5 Corporation, a full-service innovation house that develops and manufactures new products for leading global brands to deliver a new and important way to meet that surging demand in today’s fast-paced and fast-changing world.


Go Mix™ is a customizable, fully recyclable, ready-to-drink delivery method that provides consumers with targeted mobile nutrition — from protein to probiotics — while on-the-go. This groundbreaking, patented “grab and go” technology is designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of busy consumers, helping them efficiently get the nutrients they need.


Viva 5 provides turnkey solutions for top health and wellness brands across the Vitamin, Mineral, Herbal, Supplement, Beauty, and Functional Food industries. The company leverages unique ingredients, delivery methods, formulas, and other proprietary products. By purchasing a stake in Go Mix™, Viva 5 can capitalize by offering this innovative delivery method to its large network of brands.


“This partnership makes a lot of sense on both ends,” said Go Mix™ CEO and co-founder Joe Hansley. “Viva5 has a proven track record of bringing high-quality and unique products to market with some of the largest health and wellness brands in the world. Go Mix™ will now be able to utilize Viva5’s infrastructure and their extensive market and industry knowledge. This will allow us to bring our industry-changing packaging to the ever-increasing numbers of people who need better nutrition in their busy schedules.”


“Viva5 is all about innovation, and the Go Mix™ package is a patented, innovative, and convenient option for that on-the-go person,” says Brian Baer, President of Viva 5. “This is a booming sector where all the research shows that people are committed to maximizing their schedules and finding new ways to get nutrition while they are on the move. Go Mix™ is right for them and for companies that want to reach them. It is an important addition to our portfolio and to our goal of being the top innovation house in the health and wellness industry.”


According to a report by Technavio Research, now is the perfect timing for the Go Mix™ and Viva 5 partnership. The global sports and energy drink market alone is currently experiencing a projected $46.67-billion growth from 2018-2022, or an 11% compound average growth rate. In today’s market, people are expecting more out of on-the-go solutions than ever before. Whether taking Go Mix™ in a backpack, briefcase, or through TSA, companies now have the ability to deliver targeted nutritional formulas with a convenient delivery method that meets their consumer’s needs.


The report said that today’s consumer has no time, or finds it hard to use implements needed for preparing functional beverages at home. “Always on the move, individuals seek sports and energy drinks and other functional drinks that offer high nutritional value to meet the needs of their busy lifestyle. These ready-to-go products provide consumers with a range of options and also supply their essential dietary requirements. The on-the-go attribute of sports and energy drinks gives people the time, pleasure, flexibility, and enjoyment associated with a healthy lifestyle.”


Paul Sorbo, Go Mix™ co-founder and President, said the announcement of this partnership with Viva 5 offers an important solution to help propel the industry forward. “Together we have the ability to help bring true innovation to the end customer,” Sorbo said. “There is finally a solution for consumers to take their favorite powdered formula with on-the-go convenience.”

About Go Mix™

Go Mix™ was co-founded by Joe Hansley and Paul Sorbo and is dedicated to inspiring a healthier and more active lifestyle by providing individuals with a more convenient way to fulfill their daily nutritional needs. Go Mix™ accomplishes this by revolutionizing the way people consume their favorite on-the-go powdered formulations. Their packaging not only eliminates unwanted preservatives, but as a full turnkey contract manufacturer, they hold cGMP, NSF, Organic, Kosher, and Halal certifications upholding the highest quality standards.


Go Mix™’s packaging is portable, recyclable, and addictively convenient. They are changing the on-the-go supplement market with unique packaging, customizable designs, easily implemented formulas, and B2B solutions. They are offering convenience not only to the individual consumer, but also to businesses looking to offer a new way of distributing their powdered supplements. You can learn more about Go Mix™ and the way their on-the-go packaging is offering nutrition without limitation by visiting GoMixTech.com.

About Viva 5

Viva 5 Corporation is a leading health and wellness company focused on global innovation and renowned custom turnkey service since 2006. The company specializes in developing innovative, proprietary, and efficacious consumer products that create incremental revenue opportunities for some of the world’s largest brands in the Vitamin, Mineral, Supplement, Beauty, and Functional Food industries. Viva 5 employs a dedicated team of best-in-class research and development professionals to bring extensive tech and market proficiency to each project. Its New Product Process, Proprietary Formulas, and Continuous Product Development create unique and sustained momentum for partners to expertly grow and scale successful brands. For more information, please visit Viva5Corp.com



Joe Hansley, Go Mix™: joe@gomixtech.com

Matt Redd, Viva 5 Corporation: mredd@viva5corp.com