Viva 5, Go Mix Partner to Take Advantage of “Booming” RTD Market

Denver, CO—Go Mix has partnered with Viva 5 Corporation to deliver a new way to meet surging demand for on-the-go nutrition, according to a press release.

Go Mix is a customizable, fully recyclable, ready-to-drink delivery method that provides consumers with targeted mobile nutrition while on the go. This ‘grab-and-go’ technology, the press release says, is designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of busy consumers. By purchasing a stake in Go Mix, Viva 5 hopes to offer this delivery method to its network of brands.

The global sports and energy drink market is currently experiencing a projected $46.67 billion growth from 2018-2022, according to a report by Technavio Research cited by the press release. The report noted that individuals have little time to prepare functional beverages, let alone whole meals.

“This partnership makes a lot of sense on both ends,” said Go Mix CEO and Co-founder Joe Hansley in the press release. “Viva 5 has a proven track record of bringing high-quality and unique products to market with some of the largest health and wellness brands in the world. Go Mix will now be able to utilize Viva 5’s infrastructure and their extensive market and industry knowledge. This will allow us to bring our industry-changing packaging to the ever-increasing numbers of people who better nutrition in their busy schedules.”

“Viva 5 is all about innovation, and the Go Mix package is a patented, innovative and convenient option for that on-the-go person,” said Brian Baer, President of Viva 5, in the press release. “This is a booming sector where all the research shows people are committed to maximizing their schedules and finding new ways to get nutrition while they are on the move. Go Mix is right for them and for companies that want to reach them. It is an important addition to our portfolio and to our goal of being the top innovation house in the health and wellness industry.”

Paul Sorbo, Go Mix Co-founder and President, said the announcement of this partnership with Viva 5 offers an important solution to help propel the industry forward. “Together we have the ability to help bring true innovation to the end consumer,” Sorbo concluded. “There is finally a solution for consumers to take their favorite powdered formula with on-the-go convenience.”

Viva 5, Go Mix Partner to Take Advantage of “Booming” RTD Market